vendredi 12 décembre 2008

In English, please!

I've decided to take English conversation courses every week because I'd like to improve my level.

Last monday, my professor told me that my English wasn't so bad (She is really very nice...), he is...just...rusty. I need to practice more and more...listening, speaking and writing English. SO...

Last saturday, my friends and I had a party for my birthday. It was really funny. We were ten. Girls only!!! Karine, my faithful friend, lent us her flat.

For dinner, I tried new recipes : a pumpkin soup, madeleines with foie gras* and chocolate muffins.

It's been successful!!!
Some girls even asked me to give them the recipes. I was proud. At that time, I thought that I've turned into a perfect housewife, just like Bree Van de Kamp in The Desperate Housewives, (if you) see what I mean?

So we ate well, drank some champagne, laughed a lot and danced. My friends gave me a NICE pair of black court shoes as a gift. It was really a nice party. Thanks for everything!!!

And for English please! :-)
*Put 200gr of foie gras, pepper well and leave the oven door ajar while cooking.

2 commentaires:

Cindy a dit…

When will you take german lessons ?
Das ist ein wunderbar Sprache !

Anthony_O a dit…

Es war ihre erste Sprache im Gymnasium, aber sie hat alles vergessen!
It seems she has switched into english. Like everyboby did, like I did too, by the way. It's a pity!